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We understand that your home is your biggest investment. You can count on us, whether you are buying your very first house or selling before you retire.

About Us

With decades of experience working with both buyers and sellers, our team has a personal, friendly touch and a professional approach.

Feel free to contact us whenever you are ready – we are waiting for your call!

New home sales specialist

Mission Statement

As a relocation company in Florida, we aim to be the“best-in-class” service provider to the business community in meeting their needs when relocating employees and their families. Our goal is to provide our clients with the personalized service they need when navigating the details of relocating, and ensuring a smooth and effective relocation to their new locale. From establishing themselves in a new community, to ensuring their most individual needs are met, our specialists will work with our clients to make it astress free and enjoyable experience. Our primary objective is to enable relocating employees to focus solely on their jobs andproductivity while assisting them and their families to settle comfortably into their new communities and surroundings.

Loyalty Reward exclusive program for our New Home Buyers in Florida. Starting prices at $160,000 Near DISNEY WORLD

  1. When you choose our services you get a loyalty reward up to $5,000.00 certificate.

    Here is how you can use this certificate*

  • Toward your closing cost

  • Updates on the house that may help you cover the cost for tiles, kitchen counter-tops options

  • Appliances, furniture etc.

  • New 70 inch TV

  • Vacations
  • Cash at closing

  • At no cost to you

  • Financing available

  • We have many properties near Disney

       Disclosure: Depending on your purchase value


We are highly qualified and can provide you with all the tools and advice you need, especially in today’s rapidly changing, complex housing market. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about buying, selling renting your home - contact us

New Home Buyers  Cash Reward Program

Tenant Rental Equity  Reward,towards pruchasing a New Home in Florida

  • What properties qualify? The rebate is available on all new construction, town homes, condos and building lots that are available.
  • How do I qualify for the rebate? You may not have a verbal or written buyer's agent agreement with another real estate agent for this market area.If you are being relocated by your company, you must be allowed to select your own buyer’s agent (not just from their list) and there cannot be a requirement that the broker pay your company or the RELO company any referral or other fee.You must enter into an “Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer” agreement with our firm.
  • How much rebate ("cash back") will I receive? If we represent you as your Buyer's Agent, you will receive 1% of the purchase price if the base commission paid to our firm is 3% or more. For example, after negotiating a low purchase price of $500,000 on a home with a 3% commission paid to the buyer's firm, you would receive a credit of $5,000.The actual dollar amount depends on the negotiated price of the house and the commission rates. Since there aren't any "fixed" commission rates, the amount will vary from property to property.
  • When will I receive the "cash back" rebate? Our Firm's policy is to credit the "cash back" as a "Easy Rentals Realty" on the closing statement. It is effectively a payment towards the buyers expenses associated with the purchase of the property that are shown on the closing statement. So it reduces the amount of cash you need at closing.
  • When and What do I need to do to make sure I can get the rebate?There are two important steps: During your pre-approval with a lender's- we will give you a general letter stating the percent rebate and how it is normally applied.  You must give the letter to your selected lender's as soon as possible.At the time you submit your loan app we will give you a letter addressed to your loan officer stating the amount of your rebate you will receive, how it is usually applied and other information including a copy of your commission rebate addendum to our buyer’s agency agreement.You must give this letter to your lender.After you apply, our firm will contact your lender to ensure they understand how the rebate works.We will follow up with your loan officer and closing agent “Title Company” (who prepares the HUD-1 settlement statement) before settlement to ensure it is handled properly.
  • How can you afford to rebate 1% of the purchase price? We do NOT cut corners and we provide "full service plus" to our clients! Furthermore, by working with you as your partner, by using state of the art technology and by eliminating overheads, we have driven costs out of our business and we pass those savings along to you.
  • Yes. We will put the commitment in writing in the BUYER AGENCY AGREEMENT “Miami Florida Realtors Standard Form EBBA-4) that we both sign. We will review this in detail.


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