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We understand that this service is not for everyone, but for people who do not have the  time or energy to find a nice, cozy rental home in Florida. Especially if you are  from out of town, you may end up living in a Hotel or become a victim of  a scam for doing business with someone without a license by the State of Florida


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 Program Benefits:

  • *Property Virtual tours
  • *Property Photo Gallery
  • *Smart data update every other day email with new properties for you review  
  • *Satellite view to see the area
  • *Get real assistance live agent
  • *We work with all property management companies in Florida
  • *Unlimited property showing for 30 days
  • *Free counseling to improve your credit
  • *We show you the entire inventory available in any area you desire at no extra cost
  • Mission Statement

    As a relocation company in Florida, we aim to be the “best-in-class” service provider to the business community in meeting their needs when relocating employees and their families. Our goal is to provide our clients with the personalized service they need when navigating the details of relocating, and ensuring a smooth and effective relocation to their new locale. From establishing themselves in a new community, to ensuring their most individual needs are met, our specialists will work with our clients to make it a stress free and enjoyable experience. Our primary objective is to enable relocating employees to focus solely on their jobs and productivity while assisting them and their families to settle comfortably into their new communities and surroundings.

    Nothing gives you peace of mind when relocating as much as trusted professionals dedicated entirely to helping you!

     Monday to Friday 9:AM to 7:00PM / Saturday and Sunday 10:AM to 5PM

    Standard services  $45.95

    I am lookig to RENT?

    Have any of the occupants ever been evicted?

    Have you been convicted of a felony?

    How is your Credit from 1 to 10 max

    Credit or Debit Card For Priority Program only

    Our Priority Services cost $45.99

    Priority rental sevices $65.99

    Have any occupant ever been evicted?

    Any accupant have been convicted of a felony?

    I am looking to rent

    How many rooms?

    Did you have proof of income?

    Are currently employed?

    How soon you need to move?

    Thank you for apply, we get back to you

    Credit Card

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